International Kodály Society Scholarship & Sarolta Kodály Scholarship

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The  International  Kodály  Society  announces  its  2014-2015  academic  year  Study Scholarship Competition. The announcement is for postgraduate training at the  Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music. The purpose of the scholarship program is to encourage and to support the study of the music and ideas of Zoltán Kodály in his native country, Hungary, as they apply to musical performance, pedagogy and composition.

Applicants have to:

  • Be paid up members of the International Kodály Society.
  • Be recommended by three (3) people who are currently teaching or are closely working together with the applicant. The recommendations should be attached to the application, or else the application is not valid.
  • Attach a photograph to the application.
  • Submit their application to the International Kodály Society, not later than July 1st 2013. Address: PO Box 67, H-1364 Budapest, Hungary. E-mail: office [at] iks [dot] hu

Click Here for more information including the Application form.

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