IKS Composers’ Competition

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Following the successful publication of Music, a Universal Language, a collection of folk song arrangements for 2- and 3-part children’s voices, the Board of the International Kodály Society announces its plan to publish a 2nd collection of original compositions.

The purpose of this publication is to support and encourage the creation of fine choral compositions for children and to pay homage to Zoltán Kodály and his exemplary work in choral music.

The theme of the publication is: Original Compositions for Children’s Voices.

An international jury will select a number of original compositions for the collection. The selected compositions will be published on or before July 2015 and released officially during the 22nd International Kodály Symposium.

Submission Deadline:

December 31st 2013


  • Each submitted composition must be:

a. an original unpublished composition for children (Arrangements of existing folksongs will not be accepted.)
b. for equal voices
c. a cappella (If preferred (an) obbligato instrument(s) may be used but not as an accompaniment. However no more than 3 obbligato parts are allowed.)
d. minimum for two voices
e. maximum 6 minutes in length

  • If written in a language other than English, the composition must have:

a. an English translation (not for performance use)
b. Latinized phonetic instructions written into the score
c. a separate chart explaining the phonetic symbols

  • Composers may send in more than one composition but not more than three.
  • If the composition is based on a poem or text for which copyright is still in effect, the International Kodály Society requests a certification statement from the composer that the text is either in public domain or that he/she obtained from the author or his/her heirs the right to use the text for the piece and for possible publication.

For more information go to http://www.iks.hu/Articles/childrens-voices.html


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