Web Committee Membership: Call for Expressions of Interest

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The Web Committee of the National Council oversees the policy, protocols, planning, design and implementation of all web services operated by KMEIA National, including its website, social media presence, membership database and online storage. The committee responds to requests from the National Council, Branches and members.

The Webmaster seeks expressions of interest from KMEIA members and the wider community who are interested in making a contribution to the work of Web Committee. Interest is sought from people with any of the following interests, knowledge and skills:

  • Web technologies
  • Online policy and protocols
  • Digital resources and publishing
  • Programming languages – HTML, PHP, SQL
  • Online content management – WordPress and plugins
  • Online social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Databases and information systems
  • Graphic design
  • Video and audio recording and editing

Please send your expression of interest to the webmaster, Jason Goopy, via email – webmaster@kodaly.org.au

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