The Full Deal Petition 2014

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Dear KMEIA members,

Quality music education for all Australian students is one of our fundamental aims, and improving the standard of teacher training to deliver excellent music programmes is an issue very dear to our hearts. The Music Trust and Dr Richard Letts have been very active in advocating in this area, most recently with regard to the release of the National Curriculum for the Arts. The Full Deal petition is all about informing each state’s Education Minister that this is something that truly matters to their constituents, and something they must fight for.

Dr Letts has said that we need many thousands of signatures to make an impact, and so I would not only ask that you sign this petition, but also that you forward the links to your colleagues, P&C, as well as parents of your schools to garner their support. Use your school newsletter and website to supply links to sign the petition. Please also forward this on to anyone else who would be interested, such as community choirs and ensembles, U3A classes, etc.

Music Education has traditionally been extremely well supported by parents and community in the past, and I’m hoping that an overwhelming response to this petition will bring the issue to the attention of those in a position to make a difference!

CLICK HERE to sign the petition

Best wishes,
Tess Laird
Convenor Advocacy Standing Committee and Immediate Past President
KMEIA National Council

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