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Kodály Qld would like to share the following online resources with all Kodály Australia members.

We do ask that you don’t share any of the members-only links with anyone who is not a current member – instead, encourage them to join our community here.


Before Réka Csernyik moved back to Hungary, we were able to film her working with some students at the Sydney Conservatorium High School. She demonstrated 9 fabulous ideas for developing musicianship through games. Some of them were created by Dr Árpád Tóth and some by Réka herself. We thank them both for their generosity.

The first three videos have been shared on our Facebook page ( and are freely available to anyone (even non-members). The remaining six are free for members only and their titles are below:


  • Pass The Song Around The Circle
  • Make Peace With Your Enemies Game
  • The River
  • Find Your Family
  • Horse Riding
  • The Post Man Game


Kodály Qld has also conducted three webinars over the last 3 weeks. These are available for you to purchase a link to view if you have missed them. They were all fabulous and can be purchased for only $20 each for members/$90 each for non-members (including membership). The titles are below and you can find out more at the Kodály Qld events page.

  • Dr Georgia Newlin – Developing part-singing skills (2 hours)
  • Wendy Rolls – Vocal health for returning to the classroom (1.5 hours)
  • Maree Hennessy – Fostering independence and empowering musicians of all ages and stages (1.5 hours)


At our Step Up Conference last year we recorded three keynote speakers and their talks are available to watch here (these are free to anyone):


We are currently having a special discount on our DVDs if you buy all three. You can purchase them individually or in a bundle here. If you haven’t encountered our DVD resources before you should check them out, there is one each for Early Years, Middle Primary and Middle Years!


We will soon have videos available “on repeat” from our Nuts and Bolts Workshop from March, and our workshops from 2019 including the Step Up Conference and our May 4th Music Technology Workshop. These will be advertised on both Kodály Qld Discussion Page and the Kodály Australia Discussion Page.

It’s great to be part of a community of educators across the country who can support each other in being the best they can be for their students.

All the best to you all,

Deb Brydon
Kodály Qld President
(The Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia Incorporated)

An affiliated national institutional member of the International Kodály Society

A partner of the International Society for Music Education Council of Professional associations


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