Australian Kodály Certificate Curriculum & Application Payment

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The Australian Kodály Certificate (AKC) is the only nationally recognised accreditation program in Australian Kodály-inspired practice. I am pleased to provide you with an update on recent developments regarding the AKC.


The AKC is underpinned by our national curriculum and overseen by the National Council. I am excited to announce that the 2019 Curriculum document has now been published on our national website ( and will be implemented by all course providers from 2020. This document is the result of a two year review based on feedback from course participants and involved wide consultation with course providers, state branches and accredited lecturers. I encourage you to read pages 86-88 of the document which provide an overview of amendments and improvements. If you are currently completing AKC studies, rest assured that Level 3 lecturers will accept core repertoire from the previous curriculum for your song folio assessment. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and sincerely thank the National Council Education Committee for their work, and particularly its Convenor, Tess Laird, for her unwavering leadership on this project.

Application Payment

From 1 January 2020, each application for the Australian Kodály Award and Certificate will require a payment of $115. This Application Payment includes the cost of your certificate, postage and handling, and detailed and supportive individualised feedback of your teaching demonstration video. Payments will be made to the Kodály Australia National Mentoring Fund which has been established to support aspiring Kodaly-inspired music educators. Previously, the association has covered these costs and assessors have been unpaid. This payment will now recognise the expert feedback provided by our markers. Thank you, Tess Laird, Judy Johnson and Julie Logan, who have generously provided feedback on demonstration videos over many years. The processes for this payment are being finalised and specific details will be shortly available on our national website (

Whether you are considering AKC studies or keen for more, I encourage you to check out our 2020 course offerings (

Best wishes

Jason Goopy
Kodály Australia
(Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia Incorporated)

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