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The index below lists all academic articles published by KMEIA. The publication title has varied over time.

Publication Volume / Issue Year Author Article title
KESA Vol 1 No 1 July 1974 Nemesszeghy, M The Development and Current Situation of Singing Schools in Hungary
KESA Vol 1 No 1 July 1974 Ban, L Some Thoughts About the Repertoire of the Kodaly method in Australia
KESA Vol 1 No 1 July 1974 Gordon, J My Uncle Jehosaphat
KESA Vol 1 No 1 July 1974 Sr Byrne, A Hungarian Music: some Impressions
KESA Vol 1 No 1 July 1974 Colman, C Kodaly in the Teachers’ College
KESA Vol 1 No 1 July 1974 Mitchell, E Hungary
KESA Vol 2 No 1 1975 Bodalai, Z The Origins of Hungarian Folk Music
KESA Vol 2 No 1 1975 Burge, B The Kodaly Method: Making a Start
KESA Vol 2 No 1 1975 Kokas, K The Transfer Effect of the Kodaly Method of Music Education
KESA Vol 2 No 1 1975 Kokas, K Psychological Tests in Connection with Music Education in Hungar
KESA Vol 2 No 1 1975 Kokas, K Music, Dramatization and Art Work in a Children’s Home
KESA Vol 3 No 1 1976 Rohl, P Northmeads Infants School Music Education Research
KESA Vol 3 No 1 1976 Szabo, H The Use of Improvisation in Children’s Music Development
KESA Vol 3 No 1 1976 Ittzes, M Zoltan Kodaly’s Singing Exercises
KEIA Vol 1 No 1 1976 Herbert, G Implications of the Kodaly Music Research for Early Childhood Education
KEIA Vol 1 No 1 1976 Hammond, M Report of Study Tour to Suzuki Talent Education Institute, Matsumoto
KEIA Vol 1 No 1 1976 Eosze,  L Ways to Kodaly
KEIA Vol 2 No 1 1977 Wilkins, S Music Education and Cumulative Sequential Learning
KEIA Vol 2 No 1 1977 Herlot, J Kodaly at Strathcona School
KEIA Vol 3 No 1 1978 Youngson, W.H.A Our children’s educational future
KEIA Vol 3 No 1 1978 Ban, L In Search of the Australian Kodaly
KEIA Vol 3 No 1 1978 Nickson, Noel Music Education in Hungary
KEIA Vol 4 No 1 1979 Colman, C Leoline Consort
KEIA Vol 4 No 1 1979 Herbert, G The role of the Arts in Primary Education
KEIA Vol 4 No 1 1979 Szilvay, G The Kodaly Method applied to the Teaching of String Instruments
KEIA Vol 5 No 1 1980 Bridges, D Outcomes of a Developmental Music Program
KEIA Vol 5 No 1 1980 Caylor, F Music for our Children’s Children (part 1)
KEIA Vol 5 No 1 1980 Walker, M The Soul of a Nation
BKEIA Vol 1 No 1 1981 Caylor, F Music for our Children’s Children (part 2)
BKEIA Vol 1 No 1 1981 Ellis, V A View of Music Education in Nova Scotia
BKEIA Vol 2  No1 1982 Bridges, D Developmental Music Education
BKEIA Vol 2  No1 1982 Bridges, D Fixed and Moveable DUH in Historical Perspective
BKEIA Vol 2  No1 1982 Emmanuel, G Music without tears
BKEIA Vol 3  No1 1983 Hoermann, D & Herbert, G.F Music Gives a Fine Edge to Learning
BKEIA Vol 3  No1 1983 Stephens, J Roles in In-Service Education
BKEIA Vol 3  No1 1983 Mahon, E A Two-Day In-Service Course
BKEIA Vol 3  No1 1983 Fournier, Leo Music: Man’s Instrument for Self-Creation
BKEIA Vol 4 No 1 1984 Young, P Keynote Address
BKEIA Vol 4 No 1 1984 Robinson, K Drama & the Arts in Education
BKEIA Vol 4 No 1 1984 McClean, S After School Music Classes for Children
BKEIA Vol 5 No 1 1985 Comte, M Let’s Put Arts Education into Perspective
BKEIA Vol 5 No 1 1985 Wood, R Developmental Music Program at Miles Franklin School
KMEIAB 1987 Eosze,  L Ways to Kodaly
KMEIAB 1988 Hoermann, D Revision of a Developmental Music Program
KMEIAB 1988 Hein, M Kodaly Music Education
KMEIAB 1988 Johnson, J Australian Folk Music in the Classroom
KMEIAB 1988 McLaughlin, H Using “Catch a little song”
KMEIAB 1989 O’Leary, M Teaching Musical Instruments toYoung Children in a Kodaly Context
KMEIAB 1989 Beaton, P Importance of a Music Program in an International School
KMEIAB 1989 O’Leary, M Children’s Choirs, a World View
KMEIAB 1989 Harrison, Ian Eight Weeks Abroad
KMEIAB 1989 Yemm, J Summer School without a suntan
KMEIAB 1990 Bridges, D “0-9”: A lost Opportunity
KMEIAB 1990 O’Leary, M Outstanding Children’s Choirs A world View
KMEIAB 1990 Letts, R Some Thoughts From Richard Letts
KMEIAB 1990 Beaton, P Bilingual Action Songs and Games
KMEIAB 1991 Hoermann, D Educational Change and the Music Teacher
KMEIAB 1991 Hoermann, D & Bridges, D A Developmental Music Program
KMEIAB 1991 Bateman, L Zoltan Kodaly and his Compositions for Children’s Choruses
KMEIAB 1991 De Greeve Three Movements on an Australian folksong
KMEIAB 1992 Hustable, K The Clever Country and Music
KMEIAB 1992 Johnson, J Sister Mary Alice Hein
KMEIAB 1992 Johnson, J An Australian in Oakland
KMEIAB 1992 Sexton, T Youth Choirs – A Natural Approach
KMEIAB 1992 Forrai, K My Latest Australian Experiences
KMEIAB 1992 Reynolds, M Music – A Therapeutic/Educative Agent
KMEIAB 1992 Heriot, J A Lifetime of Experience
KMEIAB 1993 Bateman, L An Interview with Dr Mary Goetze
KMEIAB 1993 Laver, D Perceived Roles of Music in our Culture
KMEIAB 1993 York, F Towards a Kodaly Curriculum for Torres Strait Islanders
KMEIAB 1994 Hogg, N Using Music and Music Education to Achieve Wholeness
KMEIAB 1994 Bacon, D Kodaly’s Philosophy of Education
KMEIAB 1994 Miklos, B Pre-Polyphonic Development in Children Aged Three to Six Years
KMEIAB 1994 Lloyd, J Perceptions of the Role of Culture in our Society
KMEIAB 1995 O’Leary, M Opportunities for Kodaly Study in Australia
KMEIAB 1995 Bresciani, D Music: An area of learning which is ‘Something Else’
KMEIAB 1995 Manins, S Music Stories for Young Children
KMEIAB 1995 Johnson, J Sound Learning’
KMEIAB 1996 McPherson, G CRISIS: The Serious Situation of Music Education in Australian Schools
KMEIAB 1996 Bridges, D Kodaly’s  Principles in Practice:
KMEIAB 1996 Chiel, D The Contribution of John Curran
KMEIAB 1996 Bell, J The Blind Child in the Music Classroom
KMEIAB 1996 Heriot, J The Primary Choir in the Life of the School
KMEIAB 1996 O’Leary, M Australian Choral Music for Young Singers
KMEIAB 1996 Dorricot, I Kodaly on the Internet : 1
KMEIAB 1996 Sargeant, M Kodaly on the Internet : 2
KMEIAB 1997 Bateman, L Katalin Forrai: An Interview
KMEIAB 1997 Harrison, Ian Kodaly and the Piano Teacher
KMEIAB 1997 Smith, R The Children’s Choir
KMEIAB 1998 Hoerman, D The Introduction of the Kodaly Method in Australia
KMEIAB 1998 Bridges, D Kodaly in New South Wales 1973-1988: Some Random Memories
KMEIAB 1998 Bingham, L The Canberra Story
KMEIAB 1998 Burton, P Queensland: In the Beginning
KMEIAB 1998 Emery-Reece, G The First Decade in Queensland
KMEIAB 1998 Herlot, J et al Victoria’s Beginnings
KMEIAB 1998 Lange, M KMEIA in South Australia-Its Early History
KMEIAB 1998 Various Reports From “The Pilot Project”
KMEIAB 1998 Harrison, Ian Kodaly: An Incredible Event
KMEIAB 1998 Godfrey, G Music for Children
KMEIAB 1998 Johnson, J Accreditation in Australia: A Continuing Process
KMEIAB 1998 Bennett, J I Remember
KMEIAB 1998 Jones, N Kodaly 25 Years On.
KMEIAB 1999 Roulston, K The emotional labour of music teaching in the primary school
KMEIAB 1999 York, F Cultural Identity and the Kodaly Philosophy
KMEIAB 1999 West, S & Clarke,P The Music Education Programme at Ainslie School
KMEIAB 1999 Whiteman, P The Great Divide: the research landscape in music education
KMEIAB 1999 Emery-Reece, G Interview with Lilla Gabor
KMEIAB 1999 Kazimierczak, P Can I Play That Again: Making Music Live for a Young Child
KMEIAB 1999 Pagano, L Book Review-Music in Preschool
KMEIAB 1999 Mackay, L Music Education in Queensland Schools: The Dawn of a New Millennium
KMEIAB 2000 Wicks, D Book Review-The Kodaly Method
KMEIAB 2000 Dodszay, L The World of Sound: An Introduction to the Literature of Music
KMEIAB 2000 Harrigan, A Hear the Children Sing
KMEIAB 2000 Johnson, J Some Thoughts on Music Education
KMEIAB 2000 Bolkovac, E Choir Warm Ups
KMEIAB 2000 Godfrey, G do-re-mi Kodaly Music for Children
KMEIAB 2000 Whiteman, P The metamorphis of preschoolers’ spontaneous singing
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Kodaly, Zoltan The Role of the authentic folksong in music education
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Bartok, B (Junior) Kodaly as I knew him
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Dille, D Souvenirs de Zoltan Kodaly
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Ringer, A Vir Justus in Musica
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Szonyi, E Zoltan Kodaly – Face to face
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Ittzes, M A Centenary tribute to Jeno Adam
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Lukin, L In Memory of Lajos Bardos
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Ittzes, M Double anniversary of Marta Nemesszeghy
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Hein, M The legacy of Zoltan Kodaly: an oral history perspective
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Eosze,  L Zoltan Kodaly’s timeliness
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Ittzes, M East meets West in Kodaly’s Oeuvre : Multicutural ideas in his writings and musical works
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Ujfalussy, J Kodaly and Debussy
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Young, P Kodaly and the British Choral Tradition
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Szabo, M Problems of interpretation in Kodaly’s choral music
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Vikar, L Kodaly, the musicologist
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Tanimoto, K Kodaly, the ethnomusicologist
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Kodaly, Zoltan Music in the nursery school (Radio speech, 1941)
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 De Greeve, G The human value of the Kodaly philosophy
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Herboly-Kocsar, I The Kodaly concept and 20th century music
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Solomon, B Constant values in the changing world of education: the significance of Kodaly’s philosophy
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Ribiere-Raverlat, J Progression pedagogique en passant par les chansons populaires francais et les auditions d’oeuvres
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Favreau, S Une analyse pour fin pedagogique de chanson canadienne-francaises telles que collectionnees par Marius Barbeau
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Forrai, K Kodaly and the children
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Bacon, D Kodaly music for learning disabled children
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Choksy, L Teacher training and re-training via Kodaly Principles : a study in effective university-community cooperation
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Patterson, A Towards an expanded Musical literacy: Music history and the Kodaly inspired teacher
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Chailley, J La solmisation Kodaly, revelateur des problemes de hauter absolue et de hauteur relative dans les pays latins
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Garo, E Le son, le nom et le signe, une distinction utile a la pratique de le solmisation kodalyenne dan les paus latins
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Sinor, J The ideas of Kodaly ibn America
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Hoermann, D  & Herbert, G The adaptaion of the Kodaly philosophy in Australia:  Music gives a fine edge to learning
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Vajda, C Kodaly and British education
KMEIAB Jubilee Edition 2000 Kaljuste, H A brief survey of the application of the principles of Kodaly method in schools in the Estonian SSR, USSR
KMEIAB 2001 Roulston, K Teaching Music in the primary school
KMEIAB 2001 Edwards, M The Music Rehearsal as a Conserving Activity
KMEIAB 2001 Mackay, L Kodaly’s pathway to the what, how, when of knowing music
KMEIAB 2001 Lane, G The Educative Value of Music: A Communicational Backlash
KMEIAB 2001 Cuskelly, J A Vision for Music Education
KMEIAB 2001 Vinden, D Two-part Hearing Development
KMEIAB 2001 Kitson, K Play it by ear
KMEIAB 2001 Cuskelly, J Day of Excellence
KMEIAB 2001 Sennyey, C The Kodaly Method in Post-Communist Hungary: A Decade of Change
KMEIAB 2002-2003 Wicks, D Finding the balance: rethinking music education philosophy
KMEIAB 2002-2003 Cuskelly, J Meaning and Music: Mind and Heart
KMEIAB 2002-2003 Mackay, L Repitition, practice and rehearsal in the classroon: what are you thinking of?
KMEIAB 2002-2003 Roulston, K Revisiting Kodaly’s writings on early childhood music education
KMEIAB 2002-2003 Hoermann, D 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Zoltan Kodaly
KMEIAB 2002-2003 McLaughlin, H A Major Scale of Children: My Initial Spark
KMEIAB 2002-2003 Allen, J A Visit to Canada: the Kodaly Society in Nova Scotia
KMEIAB 2002-2003 Harrigan, A Book Review: Listening to Art Music [Judith Johnson]
KMEIAB 2003-2004 Weightman, C The Eternal harmony of the Universe: Reflections on Music, Maths and Science
KMEIAB 2003-2004 Ralph, B Modern Recorder Music, Techniques and Classroom Applications
KMEIAB 2003-2004 Godfrey, G Sharing the do-re-mi Experience with Adolescents Mothers
KMEIAB 2003-2004 Colwill, J To Read or Not to Read? That is the Question
KMEIAB 2003-2004 Dixon, K Physical Tools needed for Playing a Musical Instrument
KMEIAB 2003-2004 O’Reagan, A Review: Music is for Everyone [Debbie O’Shea]
KMEIAB 2003-2004 Barr, B Review: Animal Sounds [Gail Godfrey]
AKB 2005 Part A The Writings of Katalin Forrai
AKB 2005 Part B Reflections on Katalin Forrai
AKB 2006 Harrison, S Engaging boys is a sequential voice-based music programme
AKB 2006 Bridges, D Aural training in the early 20th century: Recollections/influences in S.Australia
AKB 2006 Young, A Classroom strategies for changing voice boys
AKB 2006 Forrai, K The influence of music on the development of young children between 6 & 40 months
AKB 2006 King, A Reflections on a Hungarian Pilgrimage
AKB 2006 Slade, A Leaving the Page: Strengthening the use of improvisation in Kodaly-based programme
AKB 2006 Johnson, J Music: the tie that binds
AKB 2006 Mead, H A place called “Ether-land”
AKB 2007 Fromyhr, J Music as a focus for community engagement
AKB 2007 Wicks, D Modern vocal pedagogy: implications for educators who employ Kodaly concept
AKB 2007 McGarry, S The voice within: Audiation and inner hearing in the 21st century
AKB 2007 Carroll, A Katalin Forraai inspiring teachers in Australia
AKB 2007 Epstein, M Music pedagogy tour to Budapest
AKB 2007 Carroll, A & Godfrey, GC Connecting to Hungary
AKB 2007 Jensen, L et al Local professional development in North Queensland
AKB 2007 Comisky, A A taste of American Kodaly
AKB 2007 Godfrey, G Why teachers and families love the do-re-mi experience
AKB 2007 Spearitt, G More than a musician: A life of E. Harold Davies
AKB 2008 Jaccard, J-L The Kodaly Un-Method of Musical Education
AKB 2008 Bemstorf, E Music and Language: Sound Features of Teaching Literacy
AKB 2008 MacKinlay, E Where did her song go?
AKB 2008 Wicks, D Music Education and Meaning Use of Technology
AKB 2008 Figliano, S Maximising Individual and Ensemble Outcomes
AKB 2008 Pitcher, E Mastering Musicianship: An Integrated Approach to String Pedagogy
AKB 2008 Pye, S Music and Memory
AKB 2008 Gresinger, R Investigating Musicality and its Implication for Teaching
AKB 2008 Klein, K Use of Music in Occupational Theory Practice
AKB 2008 Kicsi, C Expectant Mothers Programme
AKB 2008 Hartwig, K Review of Piano Play by John Colwill
AKJ 2009 Scott, S Integrating inquiry-based [constuctivist] music education with Kodaly- inspired learning
AKJ 2009 Jaccard, J-L Gardening 101: Advice from a tree and other musicians
AKJ 2009 Johnson, J Bloom with Music
AKJ 2009 Cuskelly, J Music education: rigour and higher order thinking
AKJ 2009 MacKinlay, E Songs she sang to me: The centrality of music to the lives of mothers and their children
AKJ 2009 Rafferty, C Choral music in community settings for children with unchanged voices
AKJ 2009 Banney, D & Logan, J Choir and Strings: A magical musicc experience in early childhood
AKJ 2009 Comisky, A From solfa to stage: Developing music literacy skills for older beginners
AKJ 2010 Stevens, R “Where do you think we come from?” The origins and foundations of the Kodaly approach
AKJ 2010 Harrison, S Music teachers: Who are they anyway?
AKJ 2010 Weightman, C The spirituality of Zoltan Kodaly
AKJ 2010 Dias-Jayasinha, R Reflections of a choral conductor
AKJ 2010 King, A Australian Choral Music for Young Singers
AKJ 2010 Tysoe, Y The importance of music in education: The critical difference
AKJ 2010 Bridges, D Outcomes of a Developmental Music Program
AKJ 2010 Sr Hein, M Zoltan Kodaly as educator: The effect of the Kodaly pedagogy on teacher and student
AKJ 2011 De Greeve, G 1975 – 2010: 35 years of the International Kodaly Society
AKJ 2011 Hoermann, D Australian involvement in the founding of the International Kodaly Society
AKJ 2011 Hartwig, K Sing Sing Sing: Vocal sustainability for professional voice users
AKJ 2011 MacKinlay, E A pedagogy of heart whichbeats to the rhythm of relationships
AKJ 2011 Cuskelly, J A case study using Kodaly principles in a language immersion setting
AKJ 2011 Bymes, G Kodaly and Bartok connections with Celtic music: A brief exploratory survey
AKJ 2011 Hao-Chun Lee, A Kodaly method: Choksy and Cheng compared
AKJ 2011 Bridges, D Kodaly’s principles in practice: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
AKJ 2011 Moll, Betsy Erzsebet Szonyi: A Living Legend
AKJ 2011 Stevens, R Unfinished Business: The Music Education Advisory Group
AKJ 2012 Laird, T Introduction
AKJ 2012 Curry, R The ‘Junior Vocal Stream’ at the Conservatorium High School
AKJ 2012 Johnson, J Singing in a New Land
AKJ 2012 Hays, T Preparing the Next Generation of Professional Musicians
AKJ 2012 Cuskelly, J The Importance of Folk Materials: The “Little Story” and the “Big Story”
AKJ 2012 MacKinlay, E Yi Lull
AKJ 2012 Young, A The Adolescent Male Changing Voice: Physiological, Psychological and Practical Considerations for Classroom Music Teachers

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International Katalin Forrai Award Tribute Concert

Recently a concert was held to honour Judy Johnson, recipient of the 2023 International Katalin Forrai Award. Judy is known to many in our community for her incredible contribution to Kodály-inspired music education in Australia and abroad. A recording of the concert can be …
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Sarolta Kodály Scholarship I for 2024-25

The International Kodály Society (IKS) has recently announced the Sarolta Kodály Scholarship I. The scholarship supports postgraduate study undertaken during the 2024-25 academic year at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy. Applications are due no later than 15 January 2024. Full information, …
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2024 Awards for Excellence in Australian Kodály-inspired Music Education

It is an honour to introduce the 2024 Awards for Excellence in Australian Kodály-inspired Music Education. These awards aim to recognise members of our community who in the past two years have made an exceptional contribution and impact in one of …
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IKS Scholarship

The International Kodály Society offers fee waiver scholarships to support participation in Kodály-inspired professional development. The closing date is 1 November 2023. Full information including selection criteria and eligibility is available on the IKS website. With best wishes Jason Boron …
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