KMEIA National Conference – September Update

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As this update goes out to you all (those who have already registered plus everyone on the Kodaly list), the countdown is really on with the website telling us it is 12 days to go! In a few days we will be sending out an email to those attending only with some more details about your attendance.

In this update:

  • Still places available so register now!
  • Conference Dinner
  • Closing Concert Thursday evening
  • Handbooks and Single sessions
  • Program update
  • NSW Accreditation

Registration – still places available!
It is not too late to register now at You can do an online registration or download a print friendly form if you prefer.

Conference Dinner
We are looking forward the that Idea of North performing as our guest performers at the conference dinner – if you have not yet booked for the dinner, it is not too late! You will find information about them on the website

Closing Concert Thursday 2 October

Please plan to stay for the Closing concert on Thursday 2nd at 6.30pm at New Hall, Sydney Grammar Hall, College Street, Darlinghurst.
The concert will feature the new work that was commissioned by Paul Jarman, the Delegates’ Choir, working with Chris Shepard during the week, the young singers who have been working with Mark O’Leary plus the Waitara Voices, Waratah Girls Choir and the Ascham/Grammar choirs.
Additional tickets will be available for this concert at the registration desk and at the door
Handbooks and Single Sessions

We are being asked if it is possible to order a handbook and to attend single sessions. While we would love you to attend the whole conference, if you can’t you can come for individual sessions. These are $40 each. Copies of the handbook are $40 plus $20 p&p (You can order a copy and get a friend who is coming pick it up for you!) Reply to this email to order your copy now.
Program update
Details of all the presenters and sessions are now final and on the website, along with the choirs that will be performing at the concerts.

NSW Accreditation
The NSW BOSTES accreditations for Bridging the Gap courses are now available on the website. To take a look, please go to the program page (and the elective subpages).
We have been asked about how many hours are accredited:

The morning sessions, including: Keynote Presentation, Conference Choir, Musicianship, Methodology, and the Concert after lunch. (4 hours per day)
The afternoon electives (1 hour for each elective – 2 electives Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 1 elective Thursday)

This totals 23 hours for full attendance.
We have been asked about how many hours are accredited, the morning sessions (4 hours) plus the afternoon electives (1 hour for each elective)

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